where the sweet oven bacon is

"But have you had the bacon that Sherri makes? My husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon more than a year ago and still talk about it."


We cook breakfast with ingredients from the Pittsburg Farmers’ Market and the community supported agriculture program by Swartz's Locally Grown Produce. We serve town favorite Harry's Cafe cinnamon rolls and locally-roasted Signet Coffee in locally-spun mugs from Chuck Rickel Pottery. We like local.

"Have you noticed the difference between a fresh egg and a store bought egg? I have! There's a huge difference! I use a lot of eggs at Himmel House. My goal is to use fresh, local, healthier ingredients and food products whenever possible. I love the idea of providing the best meal I can while supporting local food providers. It’s a win-win for all of us."

-Sherri Stephens, Himmel House breakfast chef and enthusiast of all things local

Our greatest hits:

  • Sweet oven bacon

  • Breakfast banana split

  • A strong cup of coffee